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Community Outreach :

SRRC’s Community Outreach, Benevolence and Hardship Fund is a charitable, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization.  We are dedicated to promoting the purpose of SRRC by highlighting educational opportunities in the relocation industry, and enhancing networking opportunities for members and partners of SRRC.  The SRRC Community Outreach, Benevolence and Hardship Fund focuses its funding on assisting members in times of personal need, providing a pathway to a career, or continuing education in the relocation industry, as well as committing to local and regional causes that are significant to the members of SRRC.

Benevolence Fund:

The SRRC Benevolence Fund has been created to acknowledge the serious long-term illness/death of a member in good standing or their family (spouse, partner, children).  In the case of Board of Director members or former members, the acknowledgement will also consider parents.  A gift of flowers and a card will be sent, not to exceed $75.  Requests or inquiries are to be made to the SRRC Treasurer. 

Community Outreach:

The Southeastern Regional Relocation Council Community Outreach Program mission is to inspire our community through charitable giving, and to advance the common good.

Many of the world’s greatest movements were started by community outreach projects. Community outreach is about giving, contributing, and engaging in the local community. Our vision is to bring awareness and opportunities to charitable organizations and to educate and inspire our membership.

Our program has sponsored and donated to local and global charitable foundations. Through our membership's generosity and our sponsors, we have organized fundraisers in support of many local organizations!

Hardship Fund:

This fund is established to help members in need, and the award will not exceed an amount established by the Committee.  Please complete the online application and forward it to the subcommittee chair.  It will be reviewed by the Committee for appropriateness. Requests or inquiries are to be made to the SRRC Treasurer. 

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